by Tiffany Wilson


Released 07.28.16 on WeCoast Records

Tiffany is blazing a trail with this conscious mix of fist raising soul anthems, "futro" aka futuristic retro funk, and sweet poetic love songs. Her roots in R&B and gospel propel her sound into a unique stratosphere. 

In this era of Black Lives Matter, political protests, & endless wars- Tiffany serves as a beacon of hope w/ a message of love and conscious awareness. She invites the listeners on a journey that explores justice, spirituality, and what it really means to love other folks and ultimately- ourselves. 

It's soul, funk, gospel, R&B, and all classic. This album features an all-star cast of NW musicians on Seattle's WeCoast Records. Seattle's underground funk & soul scene is rising up here w/ real songs, written by real people, playing real instruments. Featuring members of Grace Love & The True Loves, Marmalade, & F2D. 

#SeeSharp aka C# is the cosmic octave: the frequency of the sacred syllable OM.