appearance on "the biggest" podcast

"We were seeing a lot of injustices, wrongful imprisonments, stuff like what happened with Marissa Alexander, who was arrested for standing her ground. As we were writing music for the album, we chose the retro sound because we were dealing with retro issues. We thought we’d really gotten passed some of them, but recent events caused us to realize that they didn’t disintegrate, they were just hiding."

The Stranger, SLOG Blog, 10/06/17

"It’s nothing less than Wilson’s swing for the fences, a worthy and largely self-penned 21st century successor to Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On"

The Sunbreak Top 10 Best Northwest Records, 2016

"In the case of vocalist Tiffany Wilson—whose recent KEXP performance stopped me in my tracks when I heard it two rooms away streaming from my husband's phone—there's no denying the power and passion of her voice"

Seattle Magazine

"She isn’t a rough-hewn belter but rather a meticulous vocalizer, able to hang back in poignancy, elevate in delicacy or settle into intimate simplicity."

City Arts Magazine