“I love Bobby Womack.

He is my favorite representation of ‘soul’ music."

Tiffany Wilson is a true musical artist and songwriter whose voice speaks to something real and soulful. Not content with writing only standard love songs, her latest album "#SeeSharp" also speaks of inner and outer change, politics, and vision of a brighter future.

As a solo artist, Tiffany released her first original project "Music Therapy" in 2009 and her sophomore album “#SEESHARP” in July 2016. With this project, Tiffany's plan is to use her voice, pen and outlook to shed some light and love on what's taking place in our shared world.

The production of her sophomore release is a conscious blend of the sounds of the past and the future. It is a mix of classic live soul & funk music filtered through her contemporary R&B roots and sensibilities. Eschewing the retro soul fad and moving towards a unique combination of past, present, and future-

Ms. Wilson is a true original.

In the case of vocalist Tiffany Wilson—whose recent KEXP performance stopped me in my tracks when I heard it two rooms away streaming from my husband’s phone—there’s no denying the power and passion of her voice (because you’ve got something special if you can make that kind of impression through a teeny-tiny hand-held device).
— Gwendolyn Elliot, Seattle Magazine -Seattleite in Sight
She isn’t a rough-hewn belter but rather a meticulous vocalizer, able to hang back in poignancy, elevate in delicacy or settle into intimate simplicity. She adapts her vocal tone to the content of her songwriting. See Sharp captures an important voice at a crucial moment.
— Jonathan Zwickel, City Arts Magazine